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Reviews Section
Discworld by Pythium

The Discworld MUD is a MUD themed on the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett. It's a huge MUD, with six player guilds, player run structures, many quests, hundreds of skills, thousands of rooms, and all through contains the humour to be found in the books.

The Disc has a number of large cities, as well as numerous smaller towns, all spaced in a positively giant landscape of thousands of rooms, which span climates from desert through tropical to temperate plains, cabbage fields, and forest all the way up to the frozen Hublands.

Located in the various cities and towns, and in some cases in the terrains between them, are the various guild locations. With six guilds, all but one of them split into different specialisations, the Disc provides many options for a player. Guild membership, though, is not required, and many a player has chosen to remain an adventurer, choosing their own path on the Disc.

The skills on the Disc are divided over six skill trees, varying from fighting skills to crafts skills to language skills and beyond.

There are a number of player-run structures on the Disc, ranging from city councils, which consist of elected officials with the ability to pass laws, to player-run guild structures to even player-written newspapers.

The Disc is an exciting place, with many possibilities for players young and old alike, with optional role-playing, optional playerkilling, optional everything. The Disc holds possibilties even for those who choose not to engage in killing; many a pacifist character has found their own path to greatness without the taking of a life. So no matter what your preference, the Disc has it. Join us today, and find out!