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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Romani

The Realms of Despair is looking for citizens to inhabit the various cities, towns, burrows, mountains, deserts, plains, and forests of the world. The Realms of Despair is a world where there is much to offer from the peaceful players who seek to gain riches and battle against the evils or goods within the world and the player killers who hunt the others of their kind.

The races of the land include human, dwarf, elf, halfling, pixie, half-troll, half-ogre, half-orcs, gith, sea-elf, drow, gnome, and the ever rare lizardmen. Each of these races has their own hometown and individual form of government. As it stands now the elves control a large portion of the world's rp, with almost twenty percent of the world's population. The heavier races are seeking to overturn the elven influence by creating massive armies while the smaller races vie for control as well, some through shadier means.

The Realms of Despair has eight different orders, ranging in types from running orders, magic users, evil, good, and to role-play. There are four different deadly clans, which are in constant war with each other.  Within the Realms there are twelve different classes available: mage, cleric, thief, warrior, vampire, druid, ranger, augurer, paladin, nephandi, fathomer, bladesinger (pk only), and barbarian.

In the northern plains of the land the Barbarians have taken control with their various bands warring against each other, a few lone outcasts from their bands have made it to the civilized world much to the dismay of their band and warlord.

With over a hundred and fifty areas to explore, quests run on almost a daily basis and an entire world as your playground the character you create will provide years of medieval fantasy enjoyment. We hope that you will give our world a try, many of our players have been here for more than five years, and others still for more than ten. While many try to duplicate the world where SMAUG was created, this is the original, and the evolution of the code-base that is forever changing based on our player input and ideas.

Come join our world, become part of our community, and perhaps we will see you at our next annual reunion.

Nation's Advisor
Deity of Sanctus Irae
Visionary Consortium