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Reviews Section
Eternity's Trials by trix

This mud has done away with imms and has a
player coding other players' ideas.  Already two
of my ideas have ben put in and I have only been
here a month.  Since there are no imms per se
there are no quests, just an auto-questor: I'd
rather have no imm quests than have imms who
harass me for breaking stupid rules.  The mud is
also policed by the mortals and majority rule
prevails.  It's is a very challenging mud.  
Players over level 40 can be pkilled so it
allows newbies a lot of time to get used
to the game.  Even though there is pkilled the
players seem to do it in moderation, in other
words, i haven't been killed by the same player
every 5 minutes, which takes away from enjoying
a mud. There are many races and classes to
choose from, and more in the works.  There are
many original areas too.  Mud School has been
changed to consider the needs of players who have never mudded before.  Depending on a player's race, stats can be trained from 40-70.  
I get 16 practices a level with a wisdom of 70
as a gnome, and I love that.  Imagine the hit
points I could get if my constitution was also
that high, or the damroll I would have if my
strength was higher, or the great armor class I
could have with a high dex.