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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Eternal

Darkness (Lirathu hanging low in the sky above):
An alley, a lone half-elf, derided, ashamed of who she is, who her parents were, who she wants to be.  Too long, too long has she waited for the filthy 'rinther to bring the goods from the northern alleys of the city... the stench wafts far too close to her sensitive nose.  She may be scum, but there is worse.  She will rise above... someday, but not today.  Today she needs what no one wants, she has a job to do and no one will do it for her.

Blinding light (Deep in the red sands):
He has been out here too long, no human should ever be left without a beast of burden, much less left to die in the constantly swirling, storming sands.  Were he one of the long-legged, pointy-eared theiving bastards who stole his sole possessions he would just run home.  They can run forever.  He shambles, clutching his side as he climbs the next dune.  Maybe he'll find the city soon, maybe over this dune, not like the last.  Then he'll show them, he'll come back with a whole storm of T'zai Byn mercenaries and slay and enslave every last one of them... just one more dune.

Morning (The eerily quiet forest):
I keep seeing them... krath help me they are behind every tree.  I've brought flame to their world, nearly searing myself in the process... and the little ones still try to hunt me.  Life isn't hard enough, without those anklebiters trying to take me down, to EAT me.  My focus will not waver, I will not allow them to stand in my way.  I will not shame myself, failure is not possible.  I am a dwarf, I persist and I will succeed.  I survived the city, the discovery of my affinity for fire... even the hunt that drove me into this horrid place.  I will not fail.

On Patrol (City of the Chosen):
They understand me.  They love me, that is why we are great.  That is why we are powerful.  The legions are my home.  We are giants amongst men, though some say only half.  The Chosen and the Faithful are great, they are all and we must protect them.  They love me, even if they may have sharp tongues.  Even if they do not appreciate me, they love me with water and food and we will keep them safe.  We will love them with sword and shield, that is why we are here, that is why we wear the red and white.  We love them.

Singing (Surrounded by fellows):
To lift the purse and take the bait, to sing the song and trump the great.  We are consumed in flight, live by our hands and by swords we die.  Sing for the tribe so strong and true, sing for the coins and the way we're due.  Sing loudly and softly and let them hear, sing words that entrance the human ear.  They are all pawns in the games we play, skill and song and theft our way.

Welcome to Armageddon!