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Reviews Section
Project Bob by Jonas

I have been mudding since the 90's and this is one of the most entertaining and unique MUDs Iíve ever played.

The first thing you will notice upon creation is just how DIFFERENT this MUD is.  (I know, you've heard that hundreds of times before - but this time it's true!) PB offers a classless system with countless combinations of skills and spells to choose from.  If you're the type of players who loves to tweak your character and equipment to perfection - this is the MUD for you!

As you progress in PB you will undoubtedly have questions.  Your pleas for assistance will not fall on deaf ears, as nearly all the players are willing to lend a hand or give advice. In terms of general atmosphere, you will find the atmosphere on PB can range from laid-back to downright silly at times:)

Additionally, the people who run the MUD are awesome!  Matrim is the Head Coder/Builder of the MUD (you might hear this MUD referred to as MATmud) and is just about the coolest IMP ever. Matrim and his staff somehow manage to churn out new features and tweak old ones, while at the same time taking the time to personally help players with their questions.

Okay, now for some things players may not like (though I can assure you, there aren't many). First off, this MUD has a pretty steep learning curve.  Players and IMMs can only help you so much - YOU must have the initiative and intelligence to learn.  The information is all out there in the form of help files and training quests, but it's up to you to take the time to read and do them.  Don't give up, this complexity translates into rich gameplay that you will enjoy for countless hours.

Second, because Matrim and Staff are always tinkering with the code, crashes happen at least once a week.  However, Matrim is always there to restart the MUD, with no damage to players and their belongings. In my 2+ years of MUDding on PB, I have never seen the MUD down for longer than 3 hours.

Well, that's about it.  We are a totally unique and highly complex MUD with a friendly pbase and hardworking staff.  I could go on and on about all the neat features that keep me coming back, such as the diablo style random equipment, pets, arena, endless levels etc., but why don't you come and see for yourself!  The MUD is located at:  See you there!