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Reviews Section
AnimeMUD by Distro

I would like to back Mijutsai up on this one. Shannon(aka Danelle) has it all wrong. Mijutsai listens to his players and runs the mud quite nicely. Never(since the days of Biryu) has there ever been an owner/imp and coding staff that takes what players say into consideration. I was in fact online when shannon got fried. It was her own fault for being so abusive toward the immstaff. She does nothing more than complain and whine when something gets changed(although for the better of the mud) when it affects her characters class/race. I completely defend Mijutsai on this note. Shannon has it all backwards, she is a very opinionated person and just doesn't know when to stop and pushes things to try and get what she wants.(not the way a player should act, especially towards something free and time consuming on someone elses behalf.)

But to say the least, this mud is once again back to its 1337 form that it had once been prior in the past. Mixing anime with fantasy and other things as well as video games. Great PK system along with great quest immortal Cunho. One of the better coders out there Sednef and a great immstaff all the way around. One which does listen and cares about its players and their thoughts. Come check them out. Once again, very 1337 and productive mud. 10years strong!