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Reviews Section
Tharsis Gate by Poeun

  Out of all the 500 MUDs I play everyday, all day, I will have to say Tharsis Gate is the best! I've been playing that MUD for over 8 years straight (literally)!. Sure I've had many of my characters wiped and others wiped, due to my abusive behavior, but I find it entertaining. With all my racial slurs to my harrassing emotes it never gets old.
  But before I start talking about Tharsis Gate, let me introduce myself. You may have seen me in Tharsis Gate as Poeun or Cuddles. I'm the one who's always cussing on the MUD and abusing it. All I day all day is MUD and nothing else. I'm getting nowhere in my life, I never made my parents proud about anything, except for a level 280 Thief, but I like it like that. Sure I sometimes leave the house to do some errands, such as buying cigarettes and beer to prepare for my next day of MUD'ing. Sometimes I will get bored and create a player with a perverted name. I find it funny, and I am the only one who does. I've had my privilege to create players removed many times. But since the wizards are so nice, they give me it back again!
 Tharsis Gate has many interesting things about it. The guilds are one of them. My favorite is the Thief Guild, even though I whine about it everyday screaming that they need a healing command. Then it's the Stormlord Guild, which I also I whine about that all the time because they're too strong. And the Druid Guild, which I don't know much about since all I day is abuse the MUD.
 Tharsis Gate has many characters with many unique different types of personalities. One of them is Minion, who also abuses the MUD and rants and screams about useless stuff. Make sure you don't steal or sell his equipment lying around, or he'll talk about it for days. As if he needs more coins? He'll usually talk about his penis or something gross (like myself). Then there's Malok. He tries to be funny by saying other peoples jokes, especially Pyro's jokes, which he gets out of a joke book. Then there's Katie that everyone pays no attention to, she's too busy "coding" on her wizard character, Aura. Salius is another one. He logs on and plays the game. He has a few triggers to make the game easier for him, but we all scream calling him a "botter" and he gets jailed for it. He plays the game and helps people but all he gets out of it is harrassment from players. I feel sorry for him. We also have Edudlil. He logs on and thinks he knows everything about everything. When someone tries to ask him a question he just ignores them, so good luck asking him for help. Jinx is the pothead of the MUD. He'll smoke anything from grass to a condom. He logs on, with his girlfriend, and teamup and harrass everyone. And, of course, I save the best for last. Fire AKA Knil. He logs on to play the game and to help people and I stop what I am doing and try to ruin it for him. Even though I fail everytime to try to get him mad, I try anyway, since I have all day today, all day tomorrow, and all day the next day to play TG and harrass players. From kill-stealing to making fun of him, it doesn't affect him. It's funny, I abuse the MUD all the time and I never gotten banned before, but he was banned (along with his brother) for a reason that doesn't make sense. How lucky am I? Sometimes I will advertise a picture of him on Gossip. Knowing how I'm obsessed with it since it's a picture of Fire of when he was in the 7th grade of school.
 Then there are the wizards, who are in charge of the game. We have Puma, which we're not sure about it's gender. It logs on every once in a while to jail and ban people for reasons we never heard of. We have Orchid, who logged on a long time ago. She was the one who wiped my old Thief character, Bedlam. She's a drama queen who takes everything seriously, we have many of those. We have Fantom, which is one of the only wizards that actually does anything around Tharsis Gate. And lastly, we have Elffy. He tries to be strict and beheads and gags people a lot when they would say the words "ass" or "fart" on the communication channels.
 Tharsis Gate is very entertaining, after spending YEARS on it, I don't think I will EVER quit it.