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Reviews Section
Dark and Shattered Lands by Michael

DSL is a constantly changing (for the better) MUD with truly something for everyone.  Player Killing is allowed if you join a clan or want to be a loner, or join a kingdom and enjoy the RP.  Of course, there is RP in clans as well, as this is an RP enforced MUD.  DSL features a wide range of classes, reclasses, and races, making for very unique combinations. Remorts are given for exemplary RP or for other contests, and a very friendly and helpful immstaff and playerbase makes this a very fun environment.  I've been playing DSL for about 8 years now, the MUD has been running for over 10, and the world has grown to an almost inconceivable level.  With player crafting coming in, new classes being added and a new channel to help new people to the mud, now is a great time to join in the fun.  Play DSL today!