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Reviews Section
Tharsis Gate by Salius

Let me start off by saying, I LOVE Tharsis Gate.  This game is so freaking awesome.  However, that being said, my love for the game was a lot more evident years ago when I could just use my complicated triggers and scripts to automatically play the game for me and people couldn't do $hit about it because the wizards didn't care.  I mean hell, look at my level then compare it to my age if you don't believe me, I've botted my ass off more than R2D2 and C3PO at a dance club for hyperactive androids.

But alas, nowadays I'm typically in the jail, beheaded, as much as outside of it when I log in, which sucks.  I've been getting caught cheating a lot lately.  I freaking hate Knil and Minion and Poeun and Cuddles and Smokedragon and Metallica, lets see, who else? Oh, I also dislike Univarsity, Puma, Jinx, Antari, and Katie.  Why, do you ask? Because they are all a-holes who can't seem to leave me be.  Also, guess what I found out? I recently discovered this by doing some research, I saw they had an "I" by their name when I typed 'finger' and realized that they were all the same person, that's right, every single character I listed above is the same person trying to trick me, guess I got the best of them, suckers.  

All that I ask is for people to just let me run my complicated scripts and triggers in peace.  Instead, when I'm trying to sleep, I have people beeping me and bitching that I'm stealing their kills.  Yo noobs, steal killing is NOT illegal, quit waking me up just so you can complain about it!!  I have better things to do than sit at the computer all day playing this game when my triggers can play it for me, mmmkay?

I suppose what is funniest is when I steal people's gear and their kills.  I look for new ways always to piss people off even more, I'm the king of irritation.  Then I lie and make up stupid stories about other people just to try and take the attention off myself.  

You say I'm botting? I'll make up a story about you to make it look like you are the bot.  You complain about me stealing kills, I'll flood Fantom with dumb emails making retarded statements about how you are cheating a quest to gain exp points.

Look, it's fun to play Tharsis, don't get me wrong, but when you are living in your parent's basement, being a fat jobless slob, sitting in front of the computer in your underwear all day sometimes isn't the best thing to do.  I mean come on, I was once online for 22 straight days, do you really think I was awake the entire time? HAHA, I wasn't even HOME for 10 days of that, I was on vacation at my Grandmother's house in Denver.  

I'm really sad right now.  I want to be friends with everyone on tharsis but they hate me.  Why do they expect so much from me? Play fair? Don't Bot, don't steal kills??? WTF?  How else can you play? I don't know any other way to play.  I don't even know the directions to McGuire's shop from login without my scripts.  :(  Yes, it's a sad reality but it's true.  

All I want to do is to be allowed to use my scripts and triggers in peace, is this such a hard thing to get thru your thick heads?  You can't stop me, I'm Salius.  Oh so sad to be a fatty.  SUPERBOT FOREVER!!