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Reviews Section
Tharsis Gate by Pikachu

Well I love to play Tharsis, and thatís no lie.
Iím in the storm guild and Iím pretty fly.
Iím rappiní and killiní all the freaking time.
I thought Iíd do a review in the form of a rhyme.

Tharsis has been around for many a day,
Itís likely that the game is here to stay.
Fantom heís the wizard who handles the bills.
You start trouble heíll make you chill.

As I said Iím a storm, Iím strong as hell.
And no Iím not just talkiní bout the way I smell.
You see storm guild is the strongest of the three.
If you play the game this youíll surely see.

Of course getting started is kind of slow.
And donít expect me to show you were to go.
Iíll laugh at you newbie, cuz thatís the trick.
Youíll scream bloody murder that Iím a dick.

But I donít care Iím a mad ass player,
PK death delivered Iím the dark faced slayer.
If you go player killer beyond level five,
And Iím online you wonít stay alive.

You see Iím not about being nice or fair.
Iíll give you a wedgie and rip your underwear.
Itís all about the people that I be killin,
Donít be upset itís just me playin the villain.

I invite you to come on down to the game.
If you do end up dying there wonít be no shame.
Iíll make fun of you so you better be ready.
Then Iíll bone your mom in her pink silk teddy.

Seriously thought he game is big time fun.
You get a sword or spear, you donít need no gun.
Itís medieval based, during middle ages time.
If you donít play it well thatís a crime.

So in conclusion you should come and play.
If youíre given a chance Iím sure youíll stay.
Iím not saying how good you will do.
Only that Iím in there waiting for you, bXtch.