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Reviews Section
Dark Legacy MUD by Herms

First off, once you start playing, if you like it, you'll probably get addicted. Personally i've tried to quit a couple times but got sucked back in from either my game friends asking me to come back or just getting back into the game once more. It allows you to do quite a bit of different things, from making your own equipment to mining, and even the occasional quest that the immortals give. There are quite a few nice people there, if at first they seem either offensive or rude. And when you meet these people you can join a guild that their in.

PvP has finally come back, where you can go about and kill other pvps, but be warned most are protected and it's likely that you'll be slaughtered afterwards IF you arent powerful enough.

Overall this mud is my favorite, being here for nearly three years and still finding the game fresh as it was the day i started.