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Reviews Section
Aabahran: The Forsaken Lands by Sam

Will one of the IMPs at Forsaken Lands please e-mail me.  I have no other way of getting in contact with you, so I must resort to this.  I really do not appreciate the trash-talking of my name by the Immortals of this game.  To this day, the worst thing I have ever done on this MUD is disagree with the Immortals and perhaps lose my temper and break RP, but they constently trash talked me, banned my forum accounts, banned my characters (note, I have not played this MUD in over a year and a half, other than for about 1 hour when I heard they had new IMMs) and tell their playerbase I am someone else.  I even recieved e-mails from their former Head IMP claiming I was a little #### and a liar when I merely wondered why I was being banned, presumably because he thought I was someone I was not.  I have spoken with former players and former Immortals, and I don't understand why they can see the truth but some of your current and former staff cannot.  If you do not e-mail me, or attempt to slander my name again, it will merely make me very sad we could not talk about this like men.

Behrens, I meant what I said on your forums.  It's sad (not wrong....note I find it morally wrong, but hey, it's your MUD) when you ask to be paid a monthly salary to code.  I honestly thought you were a better person than that, and I had a tremendous amount of respect for you.  Whatever I feel about your MUD or playerbase has nothing to do with my thoughts on you.  I would like to keep the rest of my thoughts on a more personal level, hence the e-mail request.