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Reviews Section
Accursed Lands by Azeroth

What is it that makes me always come back to Accursed Lands?

- AL is truly unique, the whole feel of the game is completely different from any other MUD I know. Since there are no levels or classes, you can develop exactly the character you want to roleplay. So, no boring leveling, no doing things your character would never do ICly, but you just start and live your character's life.
- Extensive crafting. Everything can be learned by doing, but often it helps a lot to find another player to apprentice under.
- The combat system is unique. There are no skills like 'second attack', 'third attack' and the likes (which I find to be completely unrealistic), but there are many factors that determine how often and how hard you hit. You can drag away unconscious characters, rob them, or if you are really mean, you can hack of their limbs. Yes, player killing is allowed here, but you are expected to roleplay as well. This policy allows for some very intense situations to be experienced on the MUD. Hiding and sneaking, palming and pilfering, there are many skills that make your character find their unique identity here.

Because of the different feel of the game, AL can be confusing at first. I hope you will give it a try anyways. You can always ask questions on the newbie channel, as long as you do not reveal any in character information. IC/OOC seperation is strict here, and in the game world, people are expected to be in character at all times.

All in all, AL is a wonderful world to roleplay in. The main problem of the MUD is the lack of players that we are actively trying to solve at the moment.