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Reviews Section
Dark and Shattered Lands by Andre

I have played Dark & Shattered Lands for over 7 years, and in that time Scorn (The Mud's Implimentor) has continuously added things to the game as well as keeping world quests & events fresh, fun & exciting.  New classes & races are constantly being developed, and input from the players is appreciated and sometimes implimented.  I myself was part of a team that helped design a new race of dwarves.  Clans & Kingdoms are like guilds in some other games.  Both are RP mandatory though clans are as much about PvP as they are about RP.  With the 10th anniversary coming, there are a lot of new things planned and being implimented seemingly every day.  Based loosely on dragonlance, some things will sound familiar, while others are wholy unique to DSL.  I give it a 9.5 out of 10
p.s. I suggest making a dwarf because dwarves rule ;)