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Reviews Section
Aabahran: The Forsaken Lands by Brinson

Aabahran: The forsaken Lands is a fantastic mud with some impressive code and a very embracing and friendly atmosphere. It has many classes and quest-classes which require special application, all of which seem very balanced and well thought out.

I am, however, here today to discuss its downfalls in an objective manner, in hopes that not only the staff of the mud see it, but that the players become more enlightened.

A couple years back FLs head coder and the most influential force behind FL got a GOOD job- the end of any Mudder, especially an administrator and even more so for a coder. He left the mud in the hands of his two other staff members who seem to have found the task to they ditched the project. One of the lower level imms, at this point, took over the project. He recruited his own staff and took over. Admirable? Yes, but I have to question not only his ability to run a mud, but his choice of staff members.

In the years since his taking the position of head coder there have been two major developments in the code- and I have used the term major very loosely. A cabal was a system with a built in cabal editor...and a class was added. A class which has seen little to no play time because of its nature. Assuming the class is more complicated than any of the other ones...and the cabal has more skills than any other...we are talking probably around 60-70 new skills/ over 2 years...

The Head builder, Malchaeius, is probably the person I respect most as a staff member on the mud, but not as a builder. Building developmentation has hit almost  a dead-stop...and the reason they give for not accepting applications from experienced builders like that they have not had time to impliment all of the areas they have had built for years.

I wonder...what have they been doing? Log on if you'd like, try and tell me. IMMs seldom to never leave their hidey holes under Wizinvis. They never RP with their players. It takes hours to get a description approved. Players sit in clans for months waiting to get into their favorite cabal. Areas are being builty roughly one every 4-6 months. Code is sporadicly written at best. Bugs and typos remain unfixed when people with the skills to help them are turned down...and you know why I think it is? They don't want people to see their own incompetence. They have failed a great mud. As a mud developer myself I am saddened to see such a great mud fall. Roleplay is no longer enforced and the encouragement of it is feeble at best. The players that have put up with this failing regime are only those who exist because of the community of players or do not enjoy RP.

Aabahran: The Forsaken Lands, is not an rp enforced mud. It is a mud in which RP is considered a tool for those who are "Rp characters" and choose it. Silent pk is VASTLY more common than well RP'd pk, and the staff have responded to such allegations with idiotic comments like "What do you want them to do, stop and talk?" or "Hey, unless they brake a rule, we can't do anything." however, their mud listing call themselved an RP ENFORCED mud, but they are not. If it were, failure to rp would be punished, instead of given rewards based almost solely on Pk status and ability.

I have played this game since the first year of its inception and like many of my fellow players I am leaving. I sent many applications to help the mud, both to try and become staff member and to build, in hopes of replacing the horrendous stock areas plaguing such a developed mud.

This is a mud run by uncaring amateurs who enjoy telling their pbase "We do this for you! You should be thankful!", well I'm saying this for all the people who have tried and been silenced, there are those of us who consider it an honor to develop a mud for our community and would do it without bitching or having to have everything our way. If you don't enjoy it, don't do it. Oh, that's right, you're not, you're just taking the place of those who should.

Feel free to email me with responses.