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Reviews Section
The Towers of Jadri by Asmoth

Alright, I've been playing this mud in different incarnations for about three weeks now...

It has a tremendous amount of things going for it that many other muds don't have.

1. most muds you just type kill whatever and then it takes your weapon skill and your opponents defensive skills and it keeps going till someone dies.

In this mud you can actually aim at bodyparts, and it also has the ability to learn proficiencies that make combat more then just kill and it's over.

2.  The roleplayers are pretty good, only problem is that there are so few of them, from my experience about (10-15) is the high point at a time.

Now to some negatives that they are actively working on fixing I'm sure.

1. Small player base, I just think this mud needs to get more proactive about ratings on sites like this so that it gets it's name out there, I feel it will stand on it's own merits to a newb.

2. Some guilds are rp'd a little too realistically, seer and caller are locked in a room for 6 rl days minimum while they study their prospective talents and have to actually take an "Ethics Test" to be promoted to their next guild level and get outta there.  I feel this isn't a good way to keep a relatively new character interested and involved in the game, it limits them and that's not something you want to do to a new character in my honest opinion.

3. All the RP is centered around Kaer (city) in the game and the rest feels devoid of life, because asides from some scripts that notice when you enter the room, the npcs don't really have much depth coded into them, I would like to see more timed activities, (The barkeep winces and glares at the barmaid for destroying yet ANOTHER glass), so that after your in the room for a while you don't forget the npc is there.

4.  They haven't really coded in jobs per se, so you run around killing OOC mobs (mobs without IC in red letters next to them) for money.

5.  The above magic I was speaking of earlier, is supposedly going to take someone rl months of practice to learn and graduate from the towers, however half the spells are just emoted out and refer to a chart to see if your character can do it, there is not enough coded magical effects...

6.  Player run governments, this is a double edged sword in my opinion, it works grand for some games with different positions to guard over each other or check and balance each other, and of course have large player bases.  In this game in particular, if a said player goes missing for a time, the immortals are hesitant to kick them from the spot, they leave it all to the players, which is not an effective method in my opinion.

7.  Good number of the craftable skills are working, so a lot of the equipment relies on the old restring system, where you don't really create a new item, you just morph the old one.

But all in all I like the mud and I'll keep on them about the improvements and such it needs and I invite you to come check it out!