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Reviews Section
Highlands III by Capias

First off, let me say this.. Ned, whoever you are.. You're a PUD.  Nuff said.
Obviously this 'Ned' has either never played Highlands II or III (I can't speak for HLI because I never saw it.) or played and was a pud and got shunned for it.  We don't like no puds playing our mud.  I've been playing HL (II) since 1993 much like Cronax, and while it has some dull areas, I think I've maybe explored a third of the total area of the mud in all these years.  See, I'm kind of a mooch.  Too lazy to figure out how to prevail, and the folks are so friendly and willing to group and help that it was just easier to get into a group and go stomping.  I disagree with a couple comments that Cronax made, specifically about the theme.  While currently they are not developing any zones specific to the move 'Highlander', there are aspects of the mud that have stayed, like Connor McLeod at town square who was born in 1513 in Loch Schiel and is immortal.  I believe whoever started this mud had the intention of making it just that, but there were still a lot of stock DIku zones around.  Let's face it, it would take a monumental effort to completely revamp a huge mud to fit into the movie, not to mention the copyright infringement potential.  I played there for about 5 or 6 years until I realized that I was losing jobs because I jerked off too much time from work mudding.  A couple years later, I revisited, rehabilitated and played some more.  Admin had changed somewhat, and there were some 'less than nice' imms running the place (I bet you're one of 'em, NED and I'm glad they gave you the boot, cuz that's why I stopped playing)  I can think of one player that I don't hate, but he was kind of an asshole (Manson) and it made things less fun.  I took another Hiatus (By the way, I have not played at ANY other muds.)  I coded for Vike on another mud for a short time, but lost interest, as it was just not HL2.  I turned a buddy of mine on to HL2 a few years ago, and through him, I found a way to play again, as the player base had died down due to the imms killing the clans and driving off all the players.  With the new Imms in control, (Whatever happened to Shryke) and the promise of a better circle based HL3 things started picking up again and when HL3 opened, my buddies and I went and checked it out.  It was almost exactly like HL2, but flowed better, making it very familiar and more user friendly, especially things like toggle and so forth.  Players began returning, new zones were added (the new mudschool, muddy lake, the farm, AWESOME JOB!!) and quests were run, battlefield came back, now they're talking about returning the clans.. It's like the old days when HL2 ROCKED!  Ned go F*** yourself, you're a loser and you're jealous.  HL3 is the best mud ever, and deserves a top 10 ranking.  As long as HL3 is around, I'll never mud anywhere else.  Anyone reading this, don't get the wrong impression, any mud that's been around as long as Highlands has is bound to have some history, both good and bad, but let me tell you, you won't find a more diverse but direct mud system anywhere on the internet, and after you get used to the format and how to get around, I'm sure you'll make HL3 your new main mud.  Come log in, create a character and see what they've got to offer.  I love helping newbies with newbie eq and information.  See you there.