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Reviews Section
Discworld by Desparil

After five years, the game is still great.

Literally Thousands of Uniqe Locations where someone even as old as me can still appreciate finding new and unexplored locations in the game.

Extreamly hillarious NPCs, Quests and Locations that will have you in fits of laugher on the ground in no time, and thats not to mention the all round nice atmosphere that most of the players and creators help create.

Only down side is, development is slow (though everything is well tested before it comes into the game which means a VERY bug free environment compared to nearly every other mud I have played on) but on the good side, when new locations/areas do come into play, they arnt talking one or two rooms, they are talking WHOLE continents and cities with long, thoughtout descriptions and quests to match.

Huge player base, Over 250 players on at one time from all over the world.

Limited playerkilling makes the game fair and easy to start on, not to mention helpful players and creators.

Keep up the good work.