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Reviews Section
Xyllomer by Xyllomerian

Seems the last reviewer was not aware that it needs RP to join a guild and even though a class like she called it is easy available. The Common fighter Soul (CFS) is available for anyone who didn't decide in joining a guild by now. This mud is based on communcation and getting things known in character and not everything out of character from the beginning. If you can't open your mouth (or type anything) you are wrong in a text-based mud. Sorry to say this. If you just sit around and wait for things to fly into your lap this won't happen. Action is needed from every char. I am not sure if the last reviewer sat around and did nothing I just wanted to point out that a game needs to be played and not idled. If you have no time to play a mud (in general) do not complain if your char won't advance or that your char is not noticed at all. Other chars may find you boring or your attitude strange and therefor didn't invite you to join a guild, Who knows.