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Reviews Section
Dragon's Gate by TaleRocker/Draejlen

I first played Dragons Gate in the summer and fall of 1991. The game play, the role play, the friendships, the esprit de corps was amazing. In those days, on GEnie, it cost $6.00 an hour for off-peak time play, more like $18.00 per hour during prime time (8 am to 6 pm M-F) I ran out of money and started writing my own game.

The game moved from GEnie to AOL (after AOL switched from being "Apple On Line" to America On Line after it was bought by somebody other than apple computer. On AOL it went pay to play at something like $2.99 an hour. I took a look, but my father was sick and dying and I didn't have the time-

Then my friends thought the game had died when it left aol.

I stumbled onto it again early in 2004, came back, looked around and decided it was definitely worth the ten bucks a year (U$), and became addicted again.

There are minor problems. Yes there are cliques, and yes, not all of the elders can see things through everybody's eyes.

Lately the game was orphaned by MYTHIC, but one of the original creators of the game has promised to host it and keep it  alive as long as there are players who want to play it. They haven't charged to play in almost a year now.

The game is currently 'down' while the owner gis buying and troubleshooting a new server (hardware)  and it should be back up and on line in about a week.

And there is a core of dedicated, hard playing, open minded, newbie friendly, encouraging players who  can make your playing enjoyable, if you don't give up.

So don't give up. This still is the best text based role multi-user  game/simulated world there ever was. And don't complain that it isn't living up to your standards. Hang in there and inspire the world on to new heights.

.....TaleRocker (the Drag-al Philosopher) and Draejlen (the Leuian psion)