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Reviews Section
Verge of Reality by Kaeralia

First let me say that Verge of Reality is an awesome place to play.  I have been a player there for about two months now.  The immortals and players are friendly and very helpful.  You won't find yourself ignored if you ask questions.  More than likely one of the more established players will help with eq or even buy doubles (exp/damage/qp) to help you out.  

These are some things that you may want to know specifically about the mud that make it a great place:
-Rot codebase
-Frequent updates and changes to the code.
-Updated help files.
-Clans (pk and nonpk)
-Auto and immortal-run quests.
-Two tiers, 151 levels.
-New races coming soon! (some are in testing now)
-Player ideas and suggestions are listened to and used to help change the mud for the better.
-Pk is optional.
-Roleplay is accepted and encouraged.
-Friendly players, friendly immortals.
-Great social atmosphere.

The player base is growing daily.  There are plenty of opportunities to find your niche here.  Come on by and give VR a try!  It's a great place to call home!