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Reviews Section
Unwritten Legends by The little dog of virtue

This game provides wonderful painting, however the staff is incapable of handling genuine RP. The UL notion of RP is that the Game masters set forth a plot which they would like to unfold a certain way. Should a character prove to be either too creative or too successful in changing the course of these plots the staff solution is far from original. Essentially you will be beaten down by a NPC of unlimited strength. Staff seeks to maintain the games current state in a manner that completely contradicts the setting. Poor kingdoms seem to have limitless resources at their disposal whenever situations dictate. Its also handy to know that the Admin of the game Dyannah frequently gives in game rewards for complimentary reviews on these boards. In my experience with this game I would have to say that New Worlds would provide all the same RP options and more to those that are interested in RP that can actually affect the game world. After all thats where a good deal of those people who have grown annoyed with the juvenile behavior of both the staff and the players of UL. On a side note the combat system is absolutely horrible, unrealistic and prone to abuse. Much love from your favorite hound.