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Reviews Section
New Worlds by Jinai

The game starts out nicely- you're in an Immigrant school- and there are a lot of people that are willing to help. Trouble is, once you pass from the Immigrant school, you are *totally* on your own. I emjoyed the first levels of it- the code is good and the players seem friendly at first- but then the trouble starts.

The 'Roleplay' is decidely immature. I tried it out as it promised 'RP Mandatory'. Okay- it's mandatory, but the roleplay leaves a lot to be desired. I spent some time in the Tavern, only to witness people 'snuggling' each other and sitting on one another's laps. There was no RP other than some vaguely sexual emotes, and even then it seemed a very teenage thing.

I'd leave it alone if you're interested in an RP game. It's simply not worth the time. A lot of work for no payoff.