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Reviews Section
Eternity's Trials by Kyuzio

I want to tell you that this is the greatest mud ever...but you wouldn't believe me, would you?  But if you want to play in a world that is ever-evolving, Eternity's Trials is the place to go!

I have been playing here since 1996 and I have been always been amazed at the ideas the imms/implementors come up with to enhance the game!  Not only areas with mobs programmed for a variety of actions, and objects that can talk back or even attack your opponents on their own, but new spells, skills, races, and classes!  Just when you think they can't do anything else, they do!!!

The player base is fluid enough that even when one clan becomes powerful, other clans begin to rise in power to challenge them and restore balance.  New clans appear as older ones fade.  There is alwaysthe chance to create your own clan - all you need is an idea and the will to do it.  I've done it!  You can rise to leadership in any clan you join!  You can cause mayhem, massacre the enemy, or help those in's all up to you!

And that is the greatest thing about ET: it is what YOU make of it!