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Reviews Section
Lurking Fear III by Khela Lurette

LurkingFear III is the rebirth of the original Lurf and has been around in one form or another for most of ten years. Tho smallish, the playerbase is friendly and helpful, overall, and the Immortal staff is very creative when creating class and realm-wide quests.

PK and RP have equal weight in Lurf, and one can develop their character into the most gruesome vampire, feared werewolf, or powerful mage. Maxing of spells is only one way to get to the top, the other is to create a personality, a thread of roleplay, that carries a player from the 'skittish' new arrival to New Enoch to the fearsome avatar who's voice alone brings fear to those who travel the realm.

The game is adult oriented, at times violent, with a share of sexually oriented themes and is rated for those 18 and above. If one is motivated to try their hand at a 'not so easy' to max game, Lurf is the perfect place to call home.