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Reviews Section
Unwritten Legends by Thief's Lady

After reading Hazanko's review, I had to laugh.  This guy is his own worse enemy.  All I can say is he must adore this game to post on something he got kicked out of months and months ago for game abuse.  Obsession is a terrible thing.
By the way, Hazie, ole boy, they recently fixed the combat system but you'll never know.  It is very much as most of us requested it be.
Also, what he said about rp is such bull.  I've never seen a MuD that has staff that changed plot at player whim and with their play as much as this place and I've played my share of MuDs.  I also never saw an over-beefed up NPC unless you count the wraith that's sent by some god, but then don't you think it should be?
Best think I can tell you is don't listen to me or that sicko, try UL yourself.  I think you'll be hooked like the rest of us.  After all, what MuD has all these old banned abusers still postting.