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Reviews Section
Dragon's Gate by Craziness Abound

Dragon's Gate was a game I fell in love with several years ago. However, over time, the good staff members quit, leaving a horrendous group of people to do the job. Due to poor management of the game and the insane amount of favoritism that was running it, I decided it would be in my best interest to leave. I returned to the game years later, only to find the same sorry staff in charge, which was disappointing. I decided to ignore the staff and try to have meaningful interactions with the characters. This turned out not so bad. The players are amazing people. They care for the game and it's future. Unfortunately, the game is down now and has been since June 24th. Two months. The players have posted numerous times that they would donate whatever it took to get a new server, unfortunately, the owner of the game has decided to figure it out on his own, leaving the players hanging in limbo for the last two months. A few of the players have jumped on the elder's "give Darrin time" bandwagon, but DGate is going on it's third month of being down. I think more than anything, that says it all.