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Reviews Section
Xyllomer by To Angela

I love Xyllomer. And I can't agree with Angela writing things which sounds more as she played another MUD or wanted to do a review for another MUD.

The world is big and sometimes you won't meet people where you rest or wait. There are many other places in the world people spend their time. You just need to ask someone (you can even ask in the beginning on our newbie-line to get hints where peope meet) as we prefer we all stay in character just ask in an IC way somebody you meet. Can't agree that there is boring static RP. It is the question what you make out of it. If you do not add to the story of Xyllomer people may find you boring of course. But after 5 months (or what you wrote) you should be ok with the world and know at least some things of Xyllomer that your char has a little story behind even when it is only that you are born in Razza and your father was a trader and died some years ago and your mother is praying in Tharandil's service or such.
I mean who wants to spend time with someone who doesn't put some effort into the own char to first give the char a little story before adding a bunch to Xyllomer. And after 5 months (or what it was) you are able to have a tiny story for the beginning.

OOC stuff is talked about on our FORUM. The majority stays IC and it is good like it is. There is always the opportunity to tell the people if they can stop please the OOC talk (which is rarely going on) as it spoils the fun. I know from experience that everyone understands it.

But for the fact you really wanted to review Xyllomer you should know:
When you play several months and your char has still no class (we call it more soul or guild) then I don't know but sounds you made something wrong. I know that some guilds are really easy to join and we have the Razza Warriors which offers the Common Fighter Soul with combat specials which is free to join without having a mentor to invite you. Classes per se are not existing. Don't know what you talk about when you mention the adventure class. This sounds you really didn't mean Xyllomer. Further you are free to join the Merchants or Alchemists and if you choose the dwarvish race there is a raceguild called the smiths who can forge weapons and armours which only them can forge and which makes the dwarves unique to a point. A whole crafting system for everyone is available in the future and wizard(s) (the coders of this MUD) is/are coding it. The players are looking forward to it which gives a wider variety of RP and something to do when you do not want to Hack and Slash or hunt others in wartimes or just do not want to talk to anyone and just tailor leathern armour or build boats (the two were an example).

Believe me when I say if someone is playing for years without joining a guild the one doesn't want to join a guild at all. Either leaving the mud or not wanting to join a guild is the fact. We do not have a generic beginning adventurer class or what you called it which leads me again to the point that I think you reviewed the wrong MUD.

It is true that more or less it is difficult to join a certain guild. But it is done on purpose that some guilds which can cause serious trouble are more for experienced players as one special guild needs the admin ok before you join it. All in all you need a mentor/teacher/trainer to join a guild. You can't go to the guild door and type 'join guild'. This was changed a decade ago as it was just not ok that you could join a guild and none had time for you to explain things. Thats why you need someone you are bond towards, this someone makes sure you'll know everything about the guild and what to do.

RP is needed to join a guild. If you want to be a Cleric you need to play your char more devoted. Joining a Warrior guild like the Satais who are into honour and protecting innocents surely won't need a char who is playing a pacifist. If you want to join a guild (and this is a hint for all) know what the guild is about. Inform yourself IC beforehand. It is easy to ask people and there are many hints in IC books about guilds. If you ask the enemy of a guild you have in mind be aware you will get false info. Better is to ask the goodies or the neutrals in this MUD.
For they may speak the truth .......?
Can books lie ......?
It is up to you to find it out.....join us in Xyllomer and forget Angela's review as it seems it was not Xyllomer related.