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Reviews Section
Dragonball Evolution by Kami/Fahl

Dragonball evolution is now the longest running dragonball mud online. Not only has it been open for four years, but the plans and goals that have been met are always being put a bar higher to improve the  quality of game play and the enviroment in which all players interact. With social and hard working immortals this mud continues to improve day by day confirming why I've been playing since this game opened four years ago. And the reason why I've played so long? Because there is no other mud like it. Even if you hate the dragonball theme there is something here for you, sure it's based off of the DBZ theme but it has ascended to something so much more. I promise your time will not be wasted, just give us an hour of your time it will be worth it, you'll find yourself addicted and ready for more.

If you decide to log on, port: 1874, look for Kami, I'm on most of the time  at different hours of the day so feel free to holler and ask for advice and help. I take it upon myself to help new players and make their early stages of game play as easy as I can. I look forward to seeing you log on..until then.

I might not be an immortal, but I'm one hell of a player.

Long Time Player of DBE.