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Reviews Section
New Worlds by ex-addict

Sorry if this review is not giving back any good impression but fact is this mud will never be more than a pre-beta release. We have so many muds around and all of them are established why bothering with a mud which is never done to a point that we can play it without putting our hands over our head and shaking our heads. If this is a one-man admin show here then the admin should consider of taking help from coders.
All in all as there is not too much what you can do it is obvious some do RP "sitting on a lap of another char" as someone else stated before because it is boring. The fighting system is so poor. It seems the code is poor.
a hint would be to stop working on too many things and finish first one thing. It is all left "broken" to a point that swhy I think it will never go over the pre-beta state.