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Reviews Section
Elysium by Long Time Player

I would like to start off saying anyone who has not played this MUD should give it a decent chance, the game is highly addictive, and quite entertaining.

Elysium has the potential to become one of the greatest MUDs around. The character base is smaller than some muds, but that quite alright for any player who plays. Sure we would like to see our numbers go up, but if not we will be happy. The biggest problem in elysium is the lack of decent RP. You have Gods teaming up who really have nothing to do with each other. God of Pain, Goddess of Fate, Goddess of Peace. The fighting within Elysium is always one sided, one side over powers the other substantially every time. In most scenarios there is almost never a 'good guy'. There are however 3 sides. The ones idling in realms which cannot be access but through difficult ways, the ones idling and sucking up to the ones winning. And the ones who are playing but really, there isnt much activity going on so you get bored playing by yourself. Now I am not going to say I am not an idler, anyone who has played this game for a decent time knows that when you get the chance you idle. You want to become that top dog. However when most of the time you are online is idle time, then it gets a bit ridiculous. I would love to see more players who play more than they idle. Would be more interesting, and greatly interest those of you who have not tried it. Though even with its faults, I believe you should give this MUD a serious try. Do not join and act dumb, do so and you might get killed kinda quick. Act like you are seriously into learning about the game. Thank You.