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Reviews Section
Deckeon by Jaga

ShadowRunners, are you tired of the sprawl of Seattle?
Then try the mean streets of Denver. No matter who you are, we have
something for you!

-Street Samurai's, plenty of Cyberware and weapons available. Lots
of runs available in a large original city set on the U.C.A.S. and
Sioux Nation border.

-Mojo slingers, constantly refining magic system. Alchemy is
available, loads of spells and charms. Hermetic and Shamanic magic are
both practiced in the area.

-Deckers, A large local Matrix to explore, Stores with the latest
decks and util's, or find a local to program it for you. Matrix
combat is well implemented and easy to use.

-The mud is great for roleplayers, we have a great player community
with plenty of RP opportunities available.

So come give Deckeon a try, and soon, you'll be as hooked as a
stim-junkie on payday!