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Reviews Section
Accursed Lands by Grub

This mud is for roleplayers and it is really different than what I was used to.  The code is great and you can do a lot more than just go to dungeons and kill things.  But it also appeals to people who like to develop a memorable character.  You can be someone here without needing to spend a long time working on your combat skills or getting all the best equipment.

The emote system is one of the best i have seen.  The underworld is not just another bunch of rooms, but it is really like an actual bunch of caves.  The theme is OK if you are into low fantasy, there are different races but it is sensible and tasteful.  Quite a few of the characters take the time to roleplay with you, but others just want to make trouble, but it all works out into a pretty good place for roleplay.

The players are a bit ruthless, and sometimes roleplay takes a back seat to PlayerKilling, but the MUD itself is like no other in the way it lets you drop into your character and experience its life (and death).

I have never seen more than 20 players on at a time, so it can be tough to really immerse yourself in a role, but when my character was new 2 months ago, there were less players so things are improving on the population.

If you want roleplay and great code, you could do worse than accursed lands.