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Reviews Section
Awakened Worlds by Liatha

Awakened worlds is one of the most entertaining muds I have ever had the pleasure of playing on. It has a large player base and during its peak time has anywhere from 10-40 people on at any given time so thereís always someone to interact with and give you help where needed. The mud is newbie friendly in that dark shadow run kind of way and most of the mortals have a decent sense of humour. This is a game where you can choose to be most anything your imagination will allow, from a powerful spell slinging mage to a lowly corporate programmer or if you prefer to avoid fighting and simply hunt things down you could always try for a job as a fixer and simply acquire items to sell to other interested partyís for your cut. The possibilities are infinite. The head coder Che is quite possibly insane, I have heard of dedicated individuals but heís something else entirely, day in day out heís always adding. I am yet to see him take a break in the four or so years he has been head coder for the Awake Code base. While the builders are a little slow for the moment its because they have recently hired a new crop who seem to be learning the systems at a fairly steady pace, I have been playing on a shadow run mud in one form or another for almost a decade now, there arenít many muds with that kind of interest holding power. So if youíre looking for something that actually grows and improves with time while still holding true to the shadow run third edition rules come on by and have a look.