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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Tony

Armageddon is the by far best MUD I have ever played and most likely ever will play. It really threw me off when I started I didn't end up in Migaard or Asgaard or some other gaard temple. There is nothing stock MUD about Armageddon, it is wholly unique in every sense of the game. The combat system is not turn based, it is based on checks against agility, skill, and other factors. There are no levels, just skills and as this is a roleplay MUD you don't know how good you are at any one skill, you can only guess from your sucess rate, just like in real life. There are no 'You ARE mad!' Consider messages, it just gives you a rough estimation about how big you are compared to  whatever you are considering, just like in real life, you don't know if someone is more skilled than you by looking at them, you just can figure how badly they can hurt you with a punch. The Magic(k) system is wonderful, althought I myself have only seen two instances of it taking place, as magick is incredibly rare on Armageddon's world of Zalanthas. Another thing rare on Zalanthas is metal, giving it an amazingly harsh feel and making the combat much more realistic whil you use weapons fashioned from stone, bone, chitin or wood. If you want something different, Armageddon it the way to go.