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Reviews Section
Xyllomer by Taru

Anyone with a computer and a normal internet-connection can play Xyllomer.
Please visit: for general info how to start.
If you have further questions before you want to try us out visit:
Thats our Forum with some open categories to ask questions beforehand.
The game is free. No hidden fees. No donations can be done to gain any special advantage over other players. So, don't try to check ebay for Xyllomer related stuff :) It is a well-established MUD from  1991 and under revision all the time offering new quests or new areas.

The system is constantly updated by the Wizards (coders) who maintain the balance of this game. Player-killing (abbr. PK) is possible. It is not really encouraged as this MUD offers a great variety of RP. The best thing is there is not code-support needed if you like to make a Clan on your  own or if you like to RP a lot. It is all in the game everything ready to use. If you like to use the implented extra code which makes it a bit more easier to get your RP working, feel free.

Your friend with one character might be your mortal enemy with the next. It is not allowed to use more than one char at the same time but you are free to generate more than one char. You have to wait 30 minutes from logging out one char to logging in another char. Was done out of fairness reasons and it works. So to speak, there is no interactions between your characters.

It is a medieval fantasy world. Admin has been actively removing areas taken from fantasy literature and replacing it with more Xyllomer-like content. New races have been added to Xyllomer and races from copyright(?) fantasy literature have been taken out.

Xyllomer prides itself with its originality where everything is player governed. RP is needed to join a guild. Typing 'join guild' without being accepted first is not possible. A basic understanding we want to make sure with this when a devoted follower wants to join the Clerics guild for example. It would be poor RP if you just want to use the miracles of this guild but have no clue what the god stands for when being a Cleric. It all has a deeper sense to be accepted into a guild. It is no disadvantage rather an advantage as the one accepting you (mentor/trainer/master/teacher....) will be the main one who is showing you all the tricks additionally to the guildmembers who is helping you of course.

The areas themselves are excellent written, it is a very dynamic world every region has it's own little dynamic things, you will see the waves crush on reefs etc. If you have zero imagination then you are right here. The dynamic stuff is pulling you into this world. When you see the dynamic coded dripping of water in a wet cave you can nearly smell the moldiness around you which helps you to imagine where you are with your char.

It is funny, players who seem to loathe this game so much are playing it for years/decades. The entirely negative reviews about how horrible and unjust the world of Xyllomer is are always posted by people who were finally denied because both the admin and the playerbase were at the end of their rope on tolerating their shit.

All in all Xyllomer has a slightly steep learning curve in the beginning but that doesn't mean that it is not enjoyable at every level of play. The longer you play the more you see the coherences of different guilds, deities and attitudes. If you never logged into Xyllomer I would give it a try but beware it is an addiction for life even for those who try to loathe the game so much. :)