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Reviews Section
Legends of Karinth: the Prophecy of Chaos by Refkan

I try to leave this MUD for another, if just to experience something else.  It never works.  Like a boomerang, I always come back to Karinth.  The vast world, the extremely friendly staff, the nonexistent level cap, all of the idfferent skills to, you get experience for roleplaying, for god's sake!  This is truly the best game I've played, those fancy-pants graphical ones included.  There is a handy map in the wilderness that is excellently coded, descriptions for every room, and plenty of new content being added all the time.  In fact, just recently a new tower chock full of golems and ravenous plants was unveiled.  The quests there are fantastic, I can't wait to experience the whole world.  There is so much to love, and at the time of writing, I'm level thirty-five which is hardly a dent in the max level of, well, infinity.  You don't need to gain more experience after every hundred or so levels like many other MUDs do, the mobs in the wild scale to your level.  Plus, for the high-level players, there are dragon lairs chock full of gold and treasure, and there will no doubt be more material added as the players outlevel even the fearsome dragon lairs (or hell, just for the fun of it!)  Here, the staff listen to what you want.  If you have a suggestion, tell someone about it.  You'll most likely get instant feedback, and it will probably be in the game eventually.  Karinth is always ready and willing to grow.  Plenty of areas are undiscovered, staff hold auctions for rare maps every few weekends.  Nobody has even come close to mastering all of the content in the game.

I will note, this is more RP-based than PK-based.  You want to kill someone, you need a reason.  "They're in Clan B, I'm in Clan A, we just kill eachother!" will not suffice!  I feel that this adds greatly to the atmosphere.  So, maybe someone's family killed your ancestor, and you seek revenge.  Go for it.  You're an assassin looking for a bit of gold?  Sure.

Karinth is, again, the best game I've ever played.  Get your character started now before you turn into a statistic, the community always welcomes new people warmly!