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Reviews Section
Awakened Worlds by Ai

Alright, I've come to realize that the last review I posted was not exactly accurate.  I do still hold by my statements about PK in the mud, as well as the limitedness of the world and the Matrix, and I am still offended by the skillcap, but I would like to rescind what I said about Che and Knight.  They're both not bad people, but it's easy to tick them off and get the impression they are from their resultant attitudes.  Since my last review wasn't entirely fair, I'll chronicle the good points of Awake here in an attempt to make up for it.

One particularly enjoyable aspect of Awake is the RP that one can encounter during the course of play.  Though not all players RP equally well, the ones that do RP well often hold the game on their own and make it incredibly enjoyable to join in on.  All sorts of characters are RP'd on Awake, from university students to racist Elves to childlike Giants.  There are ever-evolving groups of players who work towards common goals, and these groups have their own politics and dynamics like the best of clans in most MUDs.  New groups are constantly formed and dissolved, reflecting the ever-shifting nature of the MUD.

Another good thing?  The fact that the code is constantly updated.  While it's true that the world itself is somewhat stagnant and isn't being expanded on much, it's also true that the codebase is growing in leaps and bounds, with new features and improvements being added almost every week.

Lastly, I'd like to touch on the Imms themselves.  I realize I did slur Che and Knight rather badly in my last post and I'd like to rectify that somewhat.

CHE:  Though admittedly somewhat irritable, Che is generally a good person as long as you don't annoy him or ask for initiations every day.  He's the main coder for the MUD (as far as I know) and it's thanks to him that most of the upgrades to the codebase have been put in.

KNIGHT:  Also irritable and somewhat prone to yelling at people over OOC, Knight is nevertheless not a bad person.  When he comes on to the MUD he's generally in a good mood, and it probably doesn't help when he gets complained at by players when they have problems.  He does work quite hard on the Knight Center, even though he has a hard job IRL that he works long hours for.

Guys, sorry about earlier... I was in a pissy mood, and I let that get the better of me.  I hope that this will help make up for that.