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Reviews Section
Merentha by Trina

The admins play favorites to the point it's almost laughable. If you're not in the established player clique, good luck, because the way the player base likes to bully new people, you're going to need it. It was great in its youth. The admins were helpful and polite (most of the time, but everyone has their bad days, right?), the players jumped at the chance to show the odd newbie around Cabeiri and the few other places that existed, and everyone was your friend. If you died, you'd have either your old equipment or a new set others helped gather for you within 5 or 10 minutes. Pk was rare, and if used, it was on some trouble-maker who was harming other players to begin with. Now, the slightest comment over a public line singles you out for outright abuse by established players, just because you said something. It doesn't even have to be something objectionable. Just saying anything seems to be just cause to either threaten pk or to pk you. When this sort of behavior is reported, the admins seem to get upset at you for reporting it. The player base of Guild Wars is better, and that's really saying something.