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Reviews Section
Distant Lands by Gydin

  Well it appears that the Dream sequence for Distant Lands is over. There were going to be a good deal of new things added to DL, but there were minor bugs. No worries. There are bugs with all mudds when anything new is added. I'm sure the bugs are being tested and fixed frequently. I cannot wait until the new items, skills, spells, abilites, are all added.
  Staff frequents DL and runs arenas for different prizes. They sometimes give out exp to help people level. Staff might not always be seen, but that doesn't mean the mob you walk by or attack won't start talking to you and create a good role-play.
  Currently there is a role-play slowly moving along. Depending on how you view it, it is a role-play against people who stand for good and believe that the sword doesn't rule, against those to feel that strength and blade give them the right to rule over others. Sound a little scary to role-play? It can be, but if you rp against someone who knows how to actually rp, it can lead to a good time for all. I'm fairly new to serious rp so I'm doing what I can. Currently I am a leader of a guild that the brunt force of this roleplay is fighting with. My guild is peaceful and we're having words with those who believe that being peaceful is a sign of weakness. Atleast that's the view I have of it.
 Role-play is encouraged if you follow the rules, some don't but staff catches up with them fairly quickly. Other role-players will deal with that character too sometimes. Good times!
  Distants Lands has novice helpers, which I am one of. If you are fairly new to DL or mudds in general, feel free to ask questions on this channel. Most likely someone on is a Novice Helper. Players are friendly and will often assist with showing you some decent eq. There are a few shops which sell eq for cheap and when you get some money, you can purchase better items from another shop or try and trade for items.
  DL was the first mudd I've ever played, and as I've said in other post, will be the last mudd I ever play. I haven't found an enviroment or mudd as easy to navigate as Distant Lands. Give it a try if you are considering it. Hint, use rolling method 2 and get everything alteast above 13 before you spend the rest of your points.  Much love to all.