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Reviews Section
SneezyMUD by Pobre

I've been playing SneezyMUD on and off for over a decade.  It is far and away the best MUD I've ever played.  Even after ten years I find new zones and new gear that I didn't know about all the time.  I've tried twenty or so other MUDs over that time and always find myself getting bored...the skillsets aren't complex enough, or the world is too small.  SneezyMUD feels like a world in scale - stretching from arctic northlands, tundra and ice caves, down to tropical forests, volcanos, grasslands, vast oceans, and a flowing set of rivers - it just blows my mind.  You can spend at least a day when you first start just exploring Grimhaven, the world's largest city, that newbies start out in.  Check it out, and give me a tell in-game if you need a hand getting started.