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Reviews Section
The Inquisition by Kelandryth

Having just read the review one-below mine (the big angry one. Hard to miss), I thought that I might interject a little bit of that stuff.. uh, watchamacallit.. intermediacy or something. If not that, at least a "different" perspective.

I'm not going to start with the typical long-winded "this game's good points are this, this, and this," because everyone and their kid brother's already done that. Hands down, this game has good code. It really does. The codebase of this game is what I would describe as the -archetype- of the RolePlay MUD Codebase. Anyone who's played the game knows this.

However, I promised not to go off on some tangent about all the great things that TI has to offer. Conversely, I'm not going to fill this fleeting moment of your life with blabber about personal vendettas with the Immortals, utter outrage, and generally hypocritical garbage.

I will tell you this: There's a tense love-hate relationship between plenty of clingy, veteran TI players and their beloved game, right now. The players generally use the Immortal Staff as a scapegoat when roleplay is either going badly or not going at all. The truth? The Immortals' decisions may indeed be causing a slowdown in roleplay! Or, it could be that it's early September, and everyone's back into the heat of school/work/...whatever it is that people not at school/work do.

Honestly? Yeah, sometimes the people who run the game implement changes without letting people know first. Why? Probably because disagreement with decisions is usually expressed in nasty forum posts, and when that doesn't work, biting reviews on sites like this. Sure, a little dialogue from the Imms before a major change is introduced would be GREAT. But, then, I put myself in an Immortal's shoes. Every time I'm going to make a change to the game (MY game, mind you), utter dissent breaks forth. Okay, great, cool. We discuss it. Well, they brought up some good points, but it's still ultimately MY game and MY change to make. So I make it... only to be greeted within a matter of days by outraged forum-posts and acrimonious reviews on MUD Database sites.

Oh, sure, I mean.. it all starts innocently enough. If you disagree with an Immortal, you write up your thoughts very eloquently. Oh, indeed, my good sir! But, I do digress, hmm.. *chinstroke* ... wait, what?! My incomprehensibly vast intellect and complete mastery of the rhetorical arts didn't get me MY WAY? Okay, BRING IT. Time for the nasty flame posts!

This is all the mixed blessing/curse of a game possessed of an overwhelmingly intelligent playerbase. When smart people who can make very valid points don't feel that their (usually quite eloquent and thought-provoking) input is given due consideration, some pretty intense Internet Drama tends to rear its ugly head.

Get my point? Read into reviews, understand their tone. If you find one that's obviously some sort of trumped-up attempt to "get even" with the Immortal Staff for grave-sounding yet ridiculously esoteric injustices, take it with a grain of salt.

You, as a new and intelligent prospective player, have the capacity to find fun in The Inquisition. You aren't jaded, and the bleeding atrocities mentioned in some reviews here really don't apply to you. Please, though, learn from these reviews. Learn that if you find yourself disliking the game and disagreeing with Immortal decisions, you DON'T have the power to change the game to be just the way you like it EVERY TIME. However, you very much DO have the power to NOT PLAY THE GAME. Don't play something if it isn't fun for you! It's not worth it, no matter how intelligent and fun your fellow players are!