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Reviews Section
Unwritten Legends by Joey B

First of all, you don't got to use mushclient, the game has it's own FE and zmud and gmud work real well with it.

Now on to the stuff you said.
I don't know when you were playing and where you were but there is always players around to role play with, real good roleplayers.

The auto-guide - The city is huge abd if he stopped in every shop and interesting place, you would be taking the tour forever.  He gives you a taste of what is around and shows you where stuff is that you might want to go back and explore more of.  Also, spending quality time seeing the city is worth it, the cities are really written well.

The help files I found very helpful.  Before you start playing you should go into each file, read up on things so you are savvy.  Sure you can't find a "dealing with merchants" but you can find a "shopping-ordering" under general.  That doesn't take much "poking around" to find.  There's tons of stuff to do and the help files covers them all nicely.  I think it is sorted out well.  I think one of your problems is you are too used to your other games and not open to new ways of doing things.

The verblist is very extensive and yeah, someone might want to bounce, so who am I to tell them no?  It may not be my thing but they have more than me playing here.  I noticed the re'hari players bounce alot.  They are cat people and it fits them.

I think what you were fighting was the wubwuvs which are for younger players, but there are tons of monsters for them and I have no idea what you meant by passing out, I fought those when I was a low level and they fought back like a monster should.

The help files are also on the website and you don't have to have flash to view it, it has non-flash pages too.  There is a players guide there also.

Sounds to me like you have more than these reasons to knock the game cause what you came up with isn't too true.  

If this isn't the case, give it more then two days and you'll be addicted like the rest of us.