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Reviews Section
Unwritten Legends by Chimera

I started playing this game almost a year ago, when a friend of mine from another game introduced it to me.  Since I've started playing, I've dropped every single other game I've ever played.  That includes every game from Simutronics, and some other basic, boring MUD's.

Let me tell you why I like this game.  This is just my opinion, but hopefully it will be helpful for whoever reads this to make a decision.  You see, I play a Nocker Gnome; a small, foot and half tall race of gnomes who are amazingly fond of mechanical gizmos, gadgets and anything else with gears, pulleys, springs, etc.  This game gives me wide-berth to do whatever I want.  As it is, I've created journals with half-baked inventions that I use to roleplay at every possible point.  But this is just barely grazing the amazing potential open for Chimera.  There are also numerous mechanical objects at his disposal to use to further his fascination with technology.

But this is just -my- character.  The entire player community interacts with Chimera with a detached sense of amusement, love, friendship, and, on occasion, a little bit of fear.  Never know when something's going to blow up and all that.  Needless to say, this interaction is the main reason why I play.  It's so much fun rambling on in a high, squeaky voice about mathematics and gears and springs and how it all goes together to produce some mind-blowing random piece of useless technology.

Now, I'm going to address some of the not-so-appreciative reviews here.  Everyone does happen to their own opinions, but most of what I've read is either a rare happening (there are some people who are rude, uncaring and the like ... again, RP though) or a deceitful elaboration (Unfortunately, there are rude, uncaring people in real life, too).

If you want a change from your everyday MUD, I would definantly suggest Unwritten Legends.  From the several different races, and subraces (three for gnomes), thousands of different rooms each intricately written to provide the most for imagination, hundres of weapons, armor, clothing, sacks/containers, tools, techno gizmos, and other miscellaneous randomness you'll easily have a wide variety of tools to roleplay practically anything you want.

So, without further ado, I hope to see whoever reads this in UL ... I need more souls to bore with my endless prattle of techno garble. :D