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Reviews Section
Mystic Adventure by Gabran

Like other reviewers, I've been playing at MA on and off for over 10
years. When I started mudding, I played at various other muds for a
while...PK muds, LP, etc. I bounced around quite a few different muds
before eventually landing at Mystic Adventure. Once I started playing
here, I've never played anywhere else.

Like other reviewers have stated, a huge part of MA's strength is
its players. Nearly everyone there is friendly, courteous...and we
LOVE to help players who are new to the realm.

But as most mudders know, players come and go pretty regularly. The
thing that has kept me coming back to mystic for over 10 years is the
game itself. The immortals have done(and continue to do!) an AMAZING
job making MA a fun place for everyone, newbies and older players
alike. There is endless variation everywhere you turn...classes,
areas, quests, PK battles(if desired), and everything is VERY well
balanced. Every time I play I learn something new. I don't think
I'll ever learn everything there is to know about the world, and to
me, that's what keeps me coming back. And if I ever did, we have some
amazing area creators that are constantly working to make sure I
don't :).

In my experience, the learning curve at MA is very shallow compared
to other muds. Learning 'how' to play the game is easy, especially
with all the great players there who love to help out. Learning all
the intricacies, and how to play the game 'well' is the challenge
and is why I love MA. I never get bored.

Come check us out and meet the MA family. We're always looking for
new folx to group with. Pop in and say hi!