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Reviews Section
Shadows of Isildur by Angela

I always wondered why I was never voting for this game, and now I understand why.

At first the immersion is great, with fast-paced action and plenty of new experiences.  After a while, however, the game becomes tedious.  As you carry on many things you overlooked before begin to attract your attention.  Very few people are interested in actually attempting to portray the world in a realistic fashion.  It's not uncommon to see someone mortally or at least badly wounded up within a week as though nothing every happened.

The play on Gondor's side is ridiculous, you won't feel as though you are in Tolkien's world.  Rather instead a medieval-spawned version of a modern soap opera.  Anyone is backstabbing someone at any given time, sleeping around or cheating on their spouse if they have one.  Little to no one attempts to be a shining, benevolent example of Tolkien's people.

The "Rogues", as they are called, seemingly have no place at all in a game which professes to be based upon Middle Earth.  The administrative staff has also made Tolkien's barrow-wights into something more akin to zombies, rather than the nefarious and seductive creatures witnessed in the Fellowship of the Ring.

More often than not the plots are just a horde of NPCs being thrown around, so that any players can satisfy their appetite for hack and slash.  And it is unlikely that any underlying storyline will come to fruitation in the end, leaving many instances where all the threads are left untied.

The staff themselves seem alright at first, though often times their rules are only for the players.  They don't deign to stand behind them themselves, and are free to abuse players as they wish even if the player has done nothing to deserve it.  Lower-ranked staffers have also been caught in lying in attempt to get a player in trouble for their own personal dislike.

Morgul side is fraught with little more than adult situations, in the guise of attempting to portray the beings of the dark land, Mordor.  More often than not the staff has just plugged in information where there was none, creating their own twisted version of Tolkien's work.

One would be better off playing an entirely original MUD than wasting their time on this.