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Reviews Section
New Worlds by newbie player

This is definitely a nice mix.  New Worlds' concept definitely has loads of potential there.  It has a great economy, great leveling system, and the fact that nobody has found the maximum level yet makes it all that much more better.  In these categories, it's hard to beat New Worlds.

However, on top of its few pros, it seems to have many cons.  For one, I heard it's been in beta for two years now?  Also, you can find very few people who are willing to talk to you no matter how nice you are to them.  If they have a problem with the way you act in NW, they'll completely ignore you and you'll find yourself having a huge problem with the game.

Another problem is that it's too people-dependent.  To some this may sound like a good thing, but the way that they judge and bias certain people defeats the entire purpose of trying to RP for a guild in the first place.  Plus, they'll bash newbies for poor RP when they're simply imitating people that are considered respected players on there, who use poor RP, simply because they want to hopefully get ahead, but it eventually blows up in your face giving a very unpleasant experience.  It's made me want to slam my laptop over a wall more than once.

Long story short, New Worlds can be a good MUD to play if the people like you.  But if you're otherwise, it'll be the hardest MUD you'll ever play.

So, if you like a social RP with a bunch of bouncing, giggling, and acting hyper (even though you doing so will result in them not liking you), try New Worlds.  If you want a real MUD, go somewhere else.