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Reviews Section
Shadows of Isildur by Hymwen

This is an RPI mud. If you don't know what that means, you should do some research before starting, and make absolutely sure that you thoroughly read the rules of this mud. Once you're ready, Shadows of Isildur will provide a gaming environment that may not suit everybody, as it often is with RPI muds, but for those who enjoy this type of gaming it will offer a rich and immense playing environment with a seemingly endless range of possibilities. It does take time to get a full understanding of how the game and the world works, but I haven't seen another game that portrays Tolkien's masterpiece as well as this one does. It takes an effort and you get back what you put in, so if you come here without the right intentions and a will to roleplay then you won't fit in, it's that simple. But that's the way it is, and the only way that RPI muds can build a game that allows for the best online roleplaying experiences that you will ever see.

I myself cannot speak in great detail because I've only played briefly on Shadows of Isildur. I play on a different RPI mud which is very similar in many ways, but I know for sure that this is where I will be playing if I decide to change muds, and I will rank this mud on a tied first place with another established and popular RPI mud when it comes to online roleplay intensive games (veterans will know which one I mean, but I didn't come here to advertise for it).

So if you're already acquainted with the term RPI then I can promise that SoI won't disappoint provided that it's the kind of thing you're looking for, and if you're new to roleplaying then I won't discourage you but I strongly suggest that you do the proper research and be willing to ask for help which is readily offered. If you do that then it won't be long until you can call yourself a solid roleplayer and this game will both serve as an excellent starting point and a lengthy "career" where you can meet both novices and masters of the RPI art.