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Reviews Section
Zebedee by Steven Tweedy

I used to play zebedee a long time ago and have read some of the reviews on here and i can confirm the reviews about the admin (Tamsyn) favouring his friends in many ways.

Gods have been caught cheating by adding rooms secret rooms in areas they coded which heal their own players for free and recieve no punishment whatsoever.

i have broken the rules on this mud i must admit but was always punished, usually by having characters deleted. i have been banned from classes and had total suspensions for weeks at a time.

So Tamsyn is prepared to hand out punishments but only to people he feels like. i have never had a god on this game (i can write code which counted against me) and any rule breaking i did was exploiting bugs in the code.

So in summary if you exploit bugs in the frankly terrible code expect to have your highest characters deleted (even if they were not the character exploiting the bug) or simply suck up to tamsyn get yourself a god character and code as many cheats into the game as you wish safe in the knowledge no punishment will be coming your way.

I have not played this particular mud in a long time but i'm afraid i could not read the excuses from MUD admin that all bad reviews are from recently booted players. I stopped playing myself many years ago of my own accord, as the policing of this mud is totally biased in favour of Tamsyns friends.

I never noticed any favouritism to british players as being british myself i had many characters banned.

In summary if you are a friend of Tony Lawson(Tamsyn) then play this game and you will enjoy it, if you are not and are willing to argue against unjust decisions they i'm afraid you should find another mud.