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Reviews Section
Accursed Lands by Azeroth

Accursed Lands is a roleplay-enforced, level-less, class-less, immersive environment.  Forget your preconceptions about what a MUD is, Accursed Lands has some of the most advanced features you will find on a free, volunteer-run MUD.

One noteworthy feature is Accursed Lands' naming system.  When you first meet another character (or NPC, for that matter; the two are considered equivalent for roleplay purposes) you will not know their name.  You can then 'name' them however you wish.  This adds realism to the world and allows you to go by an alias if you so desire.

Another interesting feature of Accursed Lands is the wilderness system.  There are no preset paths from one developed area to any other.  Instead, Accursed Lands makes use of an expansive wilderness, complete with different terrain types,  that simulates the world in a realistic way.  You can't speed from place to place in Accursed Lands, in fact, it can take a substantial amount of time (read: months or more) to even figure out where most of the developed areas of Accursed Lands are.

Accursed Lands is actively seeking talented roleplayers who would enjoy taking part in a low-fantasy, roleplay-enforced MUD.

You will probably enjoy Accursed Lands if you are the type of MUDder who:
- enjoys developing a character
- doesn't participate in OOC cheating
- wants to be part of a MUD that puts quality and    
 realism first
- hates typos, bugs, and game-world anachronisms
- has the patience to learn about, and
 incorporate into your roleplaying, Accursed
 Lands' all-original theme
- doesn't expect MUD administrators to be

Accursed Lands has been up and running for close to ten years.  It is still in beta, though, and there are many things that are planned, but not yet released.  However, it is already a detailed, self-consistent simulation of a world that needs more good roleplayers to make it shine.  Come and give it a try, and hopefully join us.